How to import data from other shopping cart to ERPN?


I like ERPN as enterprise management system. However, I must admin the E-Commerce features in ERPN is very limited. My new project will use ERPN as the enterprise management system, however for the E-Commerce part, the company is prefer to use WooCommerce, the Wordpress based shopping cart. I have to admit that WooCommerce is quite popular and many payment gateway (even to country specific) supports WooCommerce.

My problem now, how can I integrate or import the Customer data that purchase the products from the WooCommerce to the ERPN?

You can push the customer and order details into erpnext via API. We only launched connector for Shopify.

How to do that? Any guide or tutorial that I can refer?

Hi All,

We have the plugin ready.

it will sync products both ways
orders from woocommerce to erpnext (If COD- it will create sales order and if paid, it will create sales invoice)
customers from woocommerce to erpnext only if the customer has placed an order in woocommerce site.

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