How to import Insightly CSV and XML to ERPNext

Hi all,

Question as shown above. Anyone knows how to import it into ERPNext? I search in the Google but it is not showing anything.

And I checked the sample template for the importing, it seems that the fields are totally different. Anyone can guide me on this? Thanks!

Hi all, any guide on this importing? Has been few days already. Will appreciate if there is any help on this

Please Refer Following links…How to upload CSV…

@chrislee you will have to map the fields column by column and not all columns are mandatory

Hi all (@shraddha and @rmehta)

Is there no way to import all directly?

What about the comments (all in XML file), can I still import it as well? Do advise thank you.

There is no connector available out of the box for Insightly

@rmehta what about the Insightly comments? It is in XML and I dont see any guide to import it into ERPNext

You can import if you can convert the XML to CSV. Or maybe find a freelancer to do it for you at

Hi all,

After trying out some templates available in ERPNext, some of the CSV are working like the Users and Contact. But I have some issue with Tasks and Projects.

I tried to amend according to the fields and imported into ERPNext, but nothing happened to it. The website just showed the Uploading popup and then that’s it. It did not display the Import log. What happened to it?

Not only Tasks but Projects too. Apparently, I got the CSV from the Insightly (CRM).

Can anyone point out what happened to it? I need to import everything ASAP.