How to import item with Barcode

Hey there. I’ve been stuck for a while now and I have thousands of data to import to ERPNext. For now I’m trying on a test csv file. I tried importing the data items and it was a success. (The barcode’s column header is named as “ID (Barcodes)” and the system says its correct.)

But when I try to open an item, the barcode is not recorded at all.

I checked at the list of all Barcodes inside the Item Barcode DocType and noticed that the Barcode section is missing unlike the encircled item. This encircled item is the only one that works on the POS whenever I scan any of the barcodes from the list.

When I try to open any of the barcode names, a server error appears: AttributeError: ‘Meta’ object has no attribute ‘permissions’.

Also just an addition, I also tried enabling the Allow Import (via Data Import Tool) option from the Item Barcode DocType Form Settings and it still didn’t work.

Is there a way I can import the Barcodes through a csv file without editing these item barcodes one by one? Your help would be appreciated.