How to import "Maintenance Schedule" data?

How to import “Maintenance Schedule” data?

@Ram_Gopal_Rao we did not allow that at the moment. fixed it. here is a link to the pull request i created. [Minor fix] Allowed maintenance schedule to be imported via data import tool by neilLasrado · Pull Request #4294 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

But it is (Maintenance Schedule) not appearing in List of documents which can be imported…

Is there any export template for “Maintenance Schedule”?

I have fixed that and it must reflect in the next release.

So when this next release will be? because, we need to import “Maintenance Schedule” & “Issue” details urgently!

We also need import tool for “Issue” also…Please suggest, is there any method to import “Maintenance Schedule” & “Issue” details, without waiting for next release?

@Ram_Gopal_Rao this is going to take time as we need to do some additional code changes. For now I would recommend you to manually create the records.