How to import or sync magento products to erpnext

hi every one
i used to use magento
i want to import or sync magento products to erpnext items
i’ve tried many times with data import tool via excel but i faild and i find it is a very hard way to do that every time i want to update erpnext with the new products
could any one help ?
thank you

Can you share the error message?

How many items are you importing?

The more detailed info regarding your issue, the better help you will receive.

Have you tried importing through command line?

evey time i got different problem last one is value missing for item maintain stock
and i’m importing about 1312 item

You need to ensure you don’t have any errors in your file.

Are all mandatory fields populated and with the correct data?

ERPNext validates the import to avoid issues. If you have error messages, it will not import.

Also, I find that sometimes, csv format works better.

Good Luck.

even if i could do this repeat the processes every week is not a good thing to do wasting time
and not professional
i ask if there another way … ?

Yes there is. There’s somebody on the community that promised to develop a Magento connector. Please find out that person and request him to develop the connector soonest! You can contribute resources (or a more appropriate currency) to help him prioritize this activity.



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