How to increase number of columns rendered in dialog box table field

I want to customize ‘Update Items’ button on Sales Order to add 2 more columns (custom fields) in it. I rewrote the button functionality(the dialog box basically) in my custom app for the button click.

The problem is that the number of columns displayed in the dialog box seems to be fixed, all of them are not rendered though the fields are there. I tried increasing the width of the dialogue box to fit in the extra columns but that doesn’t help.

Again, I’m using the exact code used for ‘Update Items’ in my custom app with 2 extra columns added.

Not sure if this is a relevant issue as my extra columns are rendered when I place them before the default ones.

In the above picture, the boxes and pieces are my extra fields but the default fields are out of the picture now. The number of columns(5 as they’re displayed) doesn’t change if I rearrange the column sequence. It truncates the rest of them.

Any idea on how I can display all of the columns?

@DeeMysterio Add the attribute “columns” in the table meta data information, with the value as one for the short digit value holding columns

Eg: columns: 1

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