How to input item using Barcode Scanner?

Hi Friends,
In POS When I Read Barcode Using Barcode Scanner …The Correct Item Should Be Fetched Automatically In the System…Please Tell Clearly And Give Some Step Also.How To Done ???



When choosing a Barcode scanner we always choose one that operate in the same as a USB keyboard you plug and it just works.

Most Barcode scanners come with a special book full of Barcode codes used to configure the scanner. If its not working the way you expect it too.

First it it plug and play ?
Second has it been configured to trigger commands your not using ?

Could you please specify the model number ?

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bought a second hand wireless barcode scanner. Worked immediately on all our computers.

For test: open notepad.Scan a code. It will come in note pad. If that works it should work with erpnext as well.