How to input & output VAT Implement?

Dear Sir,

i created Duties and Taxes Ledgers Under Liability and payables and Input VAT and out VAT created under Duties and Taxes and payables but when i going to submit Purchases invoices its not save and submit why Sir ( please check below picture ) ? and please tell me which ledger under create input VAT and Output Vat ? could you please tell me how to Create Ledgers input VAT and Output VAT Under which ledgers and as well as send ledgers creation Pictures.Document file

A tax account cannot be of type “Payable” that is for Suppliers.

Try to set it of type “Tax Account” (if it is in liabilities, then it automatically becomes payable)

Dear Sir/Madam,

can you please explain me briefly regarding how to create Input VAT and Output VAT under which ledger. please explain step by step