How to install 4.24.4 version directly and restore the backup

Hi Team,
I had a trouble while upgrading to v5 from v4.24.4 version. This upgrade is in bad shape and I thought I will go back to old one on a new server.
I have the backup of DB and files. I would like to directly install v4.24.4 on a new server and restore the DB and files. The issue is that
I don’t have the backup of frape-bunch folder. Hope it is not required.

Please some body give guidelines to proceed this ?


Hi Sandeep,

I was also in a same shape almost a month back when I upgraded to v5 :smile:
Have had several failed attempt to setup v4 since I’m (WAS) big fan of v4. Then I applied Tom Hanks starer CAST AWAY logic and now I’m in love with V5 :smile:

I’m sure after upgrade, system works. Just use it for a week or two. Undoubtedly, platform is better than before.

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Thank you. This really helped.