How to install an uninstalled app form erpnext

Hi all,
I have uninstalled an planning app form erpnext V5 and updated it due to some error. Its updated successfully with V6. How can I reinstall that app again into V6. I have taken the files and viewed it. but when viewing it it shows app not installed.

Hi All, Please any one can help on this.

Did you try

bench remove-from-installed-apps planning
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Hi @rushabh_mehta
In V5 to remove Planning I used bench remove-from-installed-apps planning command. Now i upgraded to V6. How to restore that app???.

returns a no such command "remove-from-installed-apps"
also i could not find the app that (according the App Installer is installed) in any of the sites/apps.txt files on the VirtualBox standard ERPnext (just updated to bench 2)

EDIT: ok, that was apparently because I ran the command from a wrong location. Seems you better run all bench commands from inside /home/frappe/frappe-bench