How to install and setup in self hosting


I am using first time erpnext, so please how to setup & installed erpnext if use self hosting server

Any reply??

Hi Ajay,

Check this:


Thanks prakash, I have try…

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@ajay: if you eventually decide to launch ERP Next on a non-Ubuntu linux OS, you may want to check the additional links below:

Hi… gvyshnya

But I m decide to launch erpnext on windows OS…, Any link…?

the best way to try it on Windows is to set up a Virtual Box VM (see the link shared by @prakash1) .

However, when you are ready for production mode, it is strongly advised to use ERP Next on a linux-based platform :wink:

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Ok, So Not Possible Launch ERPNEXT in Windows OS Without Virtual Box VM.


No, it requires unix based OS