How to install Apps From Github

Please guide how to install apps from GitHub and what are the pre requisites.

please guide me step by step

bench get-app [githublink]
bench install-app [app name]

but make sure that app is for the frappe bench you have[ version-12, version-13, etc ]
you can check your frappe version and erpnext by this comand
bench version
it will tell you what version you have.

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i am in the learning stage i have just installed production environment.Kindly guide me about bench and other things

secondly i am using erpnext on virtual machine is it possible with that or i have to buy hosting

Please go through the Frappe and ERPNext manual which is available online. You can run ERPNext of VM, local or cloud server. To access VM or local server from external location you will need static IP. Cloud server usually comes with 1 free static IP.

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If you got errors, provide it.
Other then that
bench get-app [app_name] [githublink] --branch [master]
will dowload the app to the current bench folder.
bench --site [site_name] install-app [app_name]
will install it to the site. Be sure to execute those commands on your bench folder.

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