How to install customized app from one server to my local machine

Hello everyone,

I installed a customized app from one server to my local machine erpnext. Installed is successfully, but doctypes which is inside customized app is not fetch.

Can anyone help me, I’m stuck in this from last 3 days. Please help me out.

Thanks in advance

Here are the basic steps for adding your App.

1. Download the app:

This writes the App code in the ../frappe-bench/apps subdirectory.

bench get-app

When this completes, the App is installed by Python setuptools, and its dependencies resolved.

2. Add the App to a specific Site.

The following command does some SQL commands, and “assigns” your App to your Site.

bench --site my_site_name install-app myapp

3. Optional

When in doubt, try running this to synchronize the tables:

bench migrate
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ThankYou for your response @brian_pond,

I already had done these steps and successfully installed the customized app, but doctypes which is lying inside this customized is are not able to fetch. Here I’m sharing some images for more info, server app image and installed app in my erp.

Got it. So the SQL database rows for DocType “HomePage Templates” are missing.

There are many options for handling missing data:

  1. Restore a backup of the SQL database from Server, to Local.
  2. Or…Export the data from server as CSV file. Then import into Local using that CSV.
  3. Or…copy the rows from Server to Local using SQL client tools.
  4. Or…manually re-type the missing rows.
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ThankYou for your respose @brian_pond ,

Site is having multiple custom apps. Is there any way to restore data of single app or a specified app.