How to install Customized App on remote machine?

Hi Everyone,
Can Someone Please tell me How I am supposed to move an app from one machine to the other.
Actually I customized ERPnext app on my Laptop and created a repository on github and PUSHED it as in the folder which was residing in my “Frappe-bench/apps/erpnext
Later on on my other desktop machine cloned the same folder that is the erpnext folder onto
my desktop “frappe-bench/apps” folder using
“git clone https://[path]”
and I got the folder onto my desktop.
Now when I have created a new site on my desktop and when I try to install that app on the site it says
No app found of the given name”.
Someone please help me with the detailed steps to be followed to achieve this task.
(Task-:Customize erpnext app and then create repository of it on github and then pull it on another machine and install it on a specific site on that machine).

If you have customized erpnext app, then the only thing you need to do is to switch to your remote branch on your other machine.

Can you provide more information about how things went wrong? What steps did you take? Screenshots?

@netchampfaris Well I do not have the screenshot as in now but I can tell you the steps which I followed-:
1>Created the repository called newerpnext on github
You can see it
2> Now on my Desktop machine I went to the “Frappe-bench/apps” folder and used the command
git clone
3>Then I created a new Site on my desktop
using the command
bench new-site kailash
4>Then I tried to Install the app on the site using the command
bench --site kailash install-app newerpnext
After That it showed “No App Named newerpnext found”
Is this the right procedure to be followed to do so?

create a new site
use get-app
then install the app

However, you’re going to have issues with future updates If your customizations are generic, then send a pull request. Or, make your customizations in a new app rather than directly.