How to install ERPNext at live server?


Firstly, i already refer the Bench installation guide here - GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps
The problem is, the guide is assuming if we install it at localhost, virtual machine.

I already have a VPS on Ubuntu 14.04, with nginx, redis, mariadb and python2.7 installed. I also already have domain/subdomain where the ERPN will be installed and accessed later, let assume the domain is at

Now, how can i installed ERPN to this The guide only show adding new site at site1.local???Most of search result I got from google are just showing Easy Install way, but in my case the nginx, redis, mariadb and python2.7 is already installed.

Please help!

Just follow manual install GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

Maybe look at it this way.
If you are currently logged as root on your VPS then create a new usr called blackfriday or whatever. You never want to have a public facing server with the root account active. We will leave root active at the moment but will delete after successful ERPNext install.
Log out of root and log into your new user account. blackfriday@
Use manual install to install ERPNext @ ~/
You will probably have to sudo the command.
Once installed you can create n-number of ERPNext websites via bench.
Delete root account.

You own a domain name which is probably managed via your registrars website. Point your main domain name say to your VPS IP address. Point sub-domain names to

I already mentioned that i followed the manual @rmehta

@System19 Yes thats what i did, but when i point to the subdomain, it shows page not available???
From the manual guide, after bench start I just point my browser to the subdomain right??? Or is there any extra steps that i must do?

I managed to follow the manual setup from this page succesfully - GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

However, after i bench start, I still cannot see the login page when i enter my subdomain or VPS ip address.

Then i notice setup for production and deployment down under the guide. It mentions that I have to configure Supervisor and Nginx?

My VPS is already have nginx installed, should I skip the nginx part? What happen to my other websites if i start doing the Supervisor and Nginx setup? Will the other websites go offline?

No idea sorry. Would depend on your existing settings. I would expect that you would have to change both Supervisor and Nginx. So…
In terminal
Nano/Vim the config files and see whats going on.
Make a duplicate of the config files suffixed with OLD or something.
Follow ERPNext guide.
Restart Both Services.
Cross your fingers
If everything is offline delete new config files and remove OLD suffix from back ups
Restart Both Services.
If everything is STILL offline… I never gave you this advice… Sorry about that…
But I bet that you are glad that you had (verified and tested) snapshots of your VPS because that advice that system19 gave you screwed your whole server.
:smile:Good Luck