How to install erpnext on my host + domain

Hi, I don’t know how to install ERNext to my host service (HOSTGATOR) and point to my domain, and access it without a live computer (PC ON 24/7). please I would be very grateful if you could help me. Thanks.

You’ll need Hostgator VPS with root SSH access to setup ERPNext. I’d recommend using something like DigitalOcean, AWS EC2 or Scaleway instead.

Buy this:
OVH VPS 3.49 per month

Install Ubuntu 16.04.

Wait for the e-mail from OVH.

Download Putty Enter the server information into putty. How to use putty

In the putty terminal follow this guide.

  1. yourname@testsystem:~$ apt-get update
  2. yourname@testsystem:~$apt-get upgrade
  3. yourname@testsystem:~$wget
    sudo python --production
  4. yourname@testsystem:~$sudo python --production

If you have no any error you will have http://ipaddress for ERPNext, if you map you ipaddress with DNS service you will have as ERPNext web service

Next we need to make it to Https:// for your safety.

  1. yourname@testsystem:~$ sudo su - frappe
  2. frappe@testsystem:~$ cd frappe-bench/sites
  3. frappe@testsystem:~/frappe-bench/sites$ mv site1.local
  4. frappe@testsystem:~/frappe-bench/sites$ nano

nano just like text edit if you never used like me just check at youtobe, change text to

Add the following line.
“host_name”: “”,

It should look like below
“db_name”: “site1.local”,
“db_password”: “*********”,
“host_name”: “
Save and exit
9) frappe@testsystem:~/frappe-bench/sites$ cd …
10) frappe@testsystem:~/frappe-bench$ sudo -H bench setup lets-encrypt

After this step will request you to put some information just put … woww, you will get https://

God bless you!


God bless you too. thank you. very helpfully.

Hola Dan . Lograstes instalar ERPnext en hostgator ? como fue la experiencia . Soy nuevo en ERPnext. Lo tengo instalado en mi Pc ( local ) y ahora quiero subirlo a un VPS de preferencia Hostgator . Saludos