How to install ERPNext on shared hosting?

Nowadays shared hosting cPanel can host python, node.js, ruby script. (HostMice shared hosting can run those scripts).

So my question is how can I install ERPNext on shared hosting, as it has everything that ERPNext needs like python, node.js, MariaDB. Is there anyone who can help me out to install ERPNext manually?

cPanel Screenshot:-

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It seems pretty sure that you cannot install erpnext on this type of instance.
Most of the time your are not root on ssh terminal, but you you need to install at least wktohtlm, certbot, nginx, and other stuff.
If you check The Hitchhiker's Guide to Installing Frappe on Linux · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub, you should see all steps required, and on shared hosting , it’s often not possible. May be you can deploy docker container, is this case try this :