How to install ERPNEXT on the google cloud

i have spent my last three days attempting to install ERPNEXT on VM hosted on Google cloud. i used docker, all went well till the end but during the launch nothing is happing despite having docker composer running on the ground. i am using ubuntu 20.4lts. question

  1. Is there another way of installing ERPNEXT on google cloud apart from docker?

docker-compose command takes less time to complete. Most time is taken to create a site and install ERPNext in site-creator container.
If you’re using 1 gb ram vm then add 1 gb of swap and then run the docker-compose command.

For non-container method there are lots of posts on this forum which describe manual installation or easy install ansible script.

Edit: if you’re looking for free installation with free credits then give me access to the server and I’ll install it for free. I installed 3 such free instances last week.


yes i can give access.

Message me on telegram, find me in Frappe/ERPNext groups.

what is your instagram id?

search in the ERPNext telegram group Telegram: Contact @erpnexthelp