How to install ERPNext using Putty on Windows

Hey… I have created a droplet on digital ocean and logged in as root in PUTTY but when i run bench commands it says you should not run this command as root. Can someone help me and give me a step by step tutorial to install ErpNext on Windows using Putty? I am a noob and i want to install ERP on a site which i can access anywhere, i have hostgator account.

I’m pretty sure it will work to do this…

login as user root,
create a user called frappe
su frappe
do the install. If you need to do anything root related during the process, use sudo XXXXX (ie. do not revert to being root unless absolutely necessary)

When i type su frappe it says no passwrd entry for user “frappe”

You first need to create a user called frappe
useradd frappe
Then give that user a password
passwd frappe (it will prompt you to input/create the password and confirm it.

then su frappe
and proceed from there

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still not able to install ErpNext… getting this error. please help, Someone provide a complete tutorial for installing ErpNext on windows machine using Droplets.

Retry the command again, it failed to download bench from GitHub.

i deleted that droplet and created new droplet using ubuntu 14.04 version but i got new errors, You can see in 2nd screeshot here. Kindly tell me the step by step process.

We need to see the beginning of the errors, the beginning of red text and couple of lines before that.

i dont have that error log now. it would be really helpful if you paste the step by step process of installing erpnext here.

Use automated install scripts for setting up ERPNext on a fresh server (preferably Ubuntu 16.04 x64)
Use these steps for the same:

cd ~
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y
apt-get install -y curl git wget python-dev gcc
sudo python --production --user frappe --mysql-root-password mysql_password_you_want --admin-password admin_pass_you_want
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Here a good guide to create sudo user

After this restart server from web UI of the droplet using Putty login as the Sudo user (frape) and use easy install. All this is done through Putty on Windows.

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