How to Install Erpnext V11

Hello guys, how can i install a specific version of Erpnext to be more specific V11?

Version 11 is now available in master branch. So you can try to install master branch. The following link maybe relevant to you.

The answer can be different. Are you installing with Easy Install, or manually?

Manual install, i followed the link provided by @Pawan and when i run bench version command i get the following output? how come erpnext is version 12 while i ran the bench switch-to-master expecting to install version 11.

erpnext 12.x.x-develop
foundation 0.0.1
frappe 11.1.22

@s_Mafutta - That is very interesting. I also noticed this on my ERPNext the other day. I assumed I had simply done something wrong.

ERPNext: v12.x.x-develop () (develop)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.21

This is strange, because on GitHub, does not show v12 for erpnext.

Any developers know what’s going on here?