How to install forked version of official apps

Do these three names have to be the same?

ubuntuerpnext in your case will refer to the directory name in the apps directory.
Inside this directory is the code for the erpnext found in the erpnext subdirectory

What can I do to install mine

checkout Frappe Framework Tutorial

I am assuming you are trying to install a forked version of ERPNext. Follow these steps:

bench get-app erpnext <git url of your erpnext fork>
bench --site <sitename> install-app erpnext

This means that you cannot have a forked version of a frappe app (ERPNext) in the same bench directory. If you already have the official erpnext app, you have to either delete it or create a new bench directory.

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What is this repetition? How do you solve it

The log is hardly visible. Either share a proper screenshot or copy past the traceback.

From what I could figure out it seems that the ERPNext installation broke during bench --site sitename install-app erpnext.

If you run the command again, it will cause a duplication error since the database columns and schema is created partly. You should drop the site first and then create a new one and run the install in that case or uninstall the app and reinstall.

  1. To drop a site, run bench drop-site <sitename>

  2. To uninstall an app run bench --site <sitename> uninstall-app <appname>

Installation of my warehouse erpNext appears, this is what the situation is.

That’s ok

But no ERPNext is on the site

Actually, we don’t fork the Official Apps. Rather we install the official apps, and Customize or develop Custom Apps to achieve our desired functionality when necessary.

I also want to do that if I develop custom applications if I deploy them.

I installed successfully from my Git repository, but the login page does not appear.What happens when the console reports this error?