How to install Frappe and ERPNext on

I have found a new hosting service called which allows one to install any server based app on it and use it.

I want to install Frappe and ERPNext on it.

I tried the conventional way but it does not seem to work. On exploring I found that we can install Docker images on it.

@revant_one Can you please guide me to setup the docker image that you maintain on it?

For more information on Railway please check this.

Start with understanding this

  • all processes from Procfile / supervisor.conf (excluding redis servers) are started by same image based container
  • start each process as separate container and scale it independently, except for scheduler
  • mount same volumes for ~/frappe-bench/sites directory and it will store your sites and uploaded files
  • connect to Redis(s) and MariaDB using keys in common_site_config.json

I’m not using Railway app, If I ever use I’ll document it on forum.

Thank you very much for pointing me to the right direction.

I will experiment with these in Railway and see if I can get some success.