How to Install Latest ERPNext on Alpine Linux Edge?

Hi all! (Sorry for my English)
I am new to ERPNext and need to install it on Alpine Linux using PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, CURL, Node, NPM, Yarn, Frappe Bench, ERPNext and other Apps

I tried to install but nothing worked.
Here are my steps
apk add --no-cache nodejs yarn git curl npm postgresql postgresql-client python3 py3-pip

on Alpine Linux there is no wkhtmltopdf package but there is an alternative to weasyprint (Will weasyprint work with ERPNext?)

I would appreciate any instructions.

Thank you!


Alpine linux uses a different C++ compiler system, so it will be very difficult to achieve compatibility of all the packages. While it is a very small and efficient distro, using a minimal debian system is only a small amount higher and will ensure compatibility.
You cannot (as far as I know) change between wkhtmltopdf & weasyprint unless you recode all the references to it.

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Almost impossible, unless you compile most of the dependencies from original source code.


Thanks everyone for the replies!

It is a pity, of course, that there is no full support on Alpine Linux ((

I think it would be cool to deploy ERPNext with Alpine Linux because it is very lightweight

We will wait for support for Alpine Linux :slight_smile:


Suggest you start with Ubuntu to learn ERPNext. Not sure if your wait will materialize in near future. There’s no plan or roadmap to support Alpine. Else as suggested you can build it on your own.

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