How to Install selected old version of Frappe Bench and ERPNext,

We have Installed Easy Production Setup from below link

sudo bash --setup-production

By default we are getting latest version of Frappe and ERPNext, Is there any option or manual link to download the script and Install selected old version of Frappe and ERPNext ?

We want to install ERPNext: v6.20.0 Frappe Framework: v6.21.0

You can do that by replacing the files, however, I highly suggest against that, because it can lead to problems.

May I know why you would want to use an older version?

Well, it looks like some changes/commits are hitting the overall performance of ERPNext at all.

I may align and repeat the above mentioned inquiry and ask you please PLEASE generalize the installation guide so that users can go through specific versions of bench, erpnext and in particular, frappe framework.

of course, replacing files is going to lead to a disasters that we can not afford with production environment.
Please consider this request, I really hate to think about leaving ERPNext but also I can’t rely on non-uniform performance and behaviors in production environment as well.

Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Apologies for the troubles. We do have installers that install either an production environment or a development environment, and the production environment use master branches that are stable. We release only hotfixes to the master branches, so they’re quite stable.

Allowing people to pick a specific version (whilst this is quite possible with git knowledge after install) during install would cause of a lot of problems whilst trying to troubleshoot problems. We have limited resources, so we really prefer if users were on the latest changes therefore having the latest fixes.

We do face issues with the installer, or say, bench because some things aren’t in our control, for eg, our installer broke with the latest version of Ubuntu (16.04 LTS), we’re working on better scripts (Beta development script) and plan to deprecate the old ones, but currently we’re in the middle of both, so it’s causing issues that we can’t fix in time.

Is there any specific issue you faced that you’d like addressed?

I’m with same issue but i want the erpnext v7.0.40 and frappe v7.0.30 but when i install always come v7.1.0 beta with frappe and erpnext.
Thanks for help.