How to install Simplified Production Process | SPP on erpnext v 14?

How to install Simplified production process on ERPNext 14

Simplified production process was suggested first by @tara_antonius and we talked about it there: Manufacturing process - Manufacturing - Frappe Forum

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This code is approx 5-Year-old and there may be a chance that it may not work correctly on the current version.

You need to do the through testing before using it in the production environment:

You can follow the below steps to install it:

bench get-app

bench --site yoursitename install-app erpnext-spp


Divyesh Mangroliya

its required user name for ‘’:

~/frappe-bench$ bench --site install-app erpnext_spp

Could not find app “erpnext_spp”

~/frappe-bench$ bench --site install-app spp
Could not find app “spp”


If you are installing on Frappe cloud than you required GitHub Username and password.

In that case you can clone the GitHub repository to your GitHub account and use your username and password.


Divyesh Mangroliya

It Just Needs Some Modifications, i changed the errors and pull requested to the original repository.

also you can use this repository that i forked and contains updated code

bench get-app
bench --site install-app spp

I Hope it helps.

Thanks, I’ll try to install on V14.x