How to install the ERPNext v11 stable version?


I have installed ERPNext/Frappe in ubuntu 16.04 server using the Easy Install method.

But after the installation I found that it has installed the V12(develop)

But I want ERPNext: v11.1.5 (master) and Frappe Framework: v11.1.5 (master)

How can I do that?

Please let me know the step by step procedure to do installation.

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Go to ubuntu prompt in directory /frappe/frappe-bench

bench switch-to-master

and after that

bench update --patch


I have followed your commands.

After this I went to the website, where it notified me that it is updated to newer version and asked me to refresh.

So after refreshing i’m getting only the ERPNext logo.

Im not able to view the desk. I had logged in with the administrator login credentials.

please help.

you may try

bench build
bench clear-cache

I have followed your steps

But I can see only frappe framework is updated to version 11

Erpnext version remains the same.

the line of commands I had learned for switching from v11 (staging) to v11 (master) is:

bench switch-to-branch master frappe erpnext --upgrade
bench update --patch 
bench setup requirements
bench --mysite [your-site-name] migrate
bench restart

I guess it won’t hurt to check the branches in ~/apps/erpnext & ~/apps/frappe after the switch-to-branch command

I think this may also work for switching from develop to master

Refer this. It should help.

true, this is also required, so git even can find the master branch

Hello Karthik,

Thanks for your response.

Where can we find the config file of erpnext repo??


Hi Karthik,

Its working now.

Thank you so much for the help.

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