How to integrate additional websites to ERPNext VM

I have downloaded the ERPNext VM from the website and it seems to be working fine. Since ERPNext’s calendar is not optimised for managing clinic appointments I have decided to integrate it with Easy Appointments which is an open source web based appointment management system. I am having trouble adding the website to apache so that it can host it.

I tried adding a Virtual Host that hosts the Easy Appointments website on a different port by adding a conf file to available websites as well as adding a “Listen” line to the ports.conf file.

Please advise on how I can do this.

…coming soon …

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Smart Care is built on ERPNext for clinics and hospital. Give it a try


And yes this is also open source.

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I tried installing it but with no luck. I download the source code and I run

sudo python build
sudo python install

with no errors. Anything else I need to do before/after installing it.

Many thanks.

Hi. I haven’t personally done the setup. You may directly contact the folks at Smarte Care. Or maybe my colleague @fkardame or @NabeelMaksud may assist you.