How to integrate AWS SES with ERPNEXT

In my new email account page, in service aws ses is not displaying.kindly help me

Please reply anyone

I cant able to add my domain mail which is configured with zoho.

anyone pls replay

Hi @madhuskct
Do you have any details? Do you get an error (in the system or in the browser console)? Have you done some modification in the system/code? Have you tried to re-add it?

@MichaelPinkowski I think you had something worked out with setting this up?

@mel_erp while adding email domain I can’t able to get AWS SES in the service drop-down and my domain name is & I am having Zoho as my mail server.while adding email domain it shows request time out.

I didn’t modify anything in the code @mel_erp

So… first you have to setup your domain at Email Domain:

Then, you have to setup your e-mail account.

At this time, you have to setup your SES, and get the e-mail login and password infos from there.

Finally, you have to setup your account to be able to send mails through SES.

Have you done some of these?

@xickomesquita awesome man!!! it Works. Thank you.

And Another doubt I have to send a leave application mail automatically to leave approver & reporting manager. How can I set?

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By default, it sends a leave application mail to LEAVE APPROVER. Additionally, I have to send a mail to the reporting manager. Help me @xickomesquita @tmatteson @mel_erp @lorna @dinkarvaja

How to link a new docutype with the email.

This is a separate issue. Start a new thread and ask your question with more explanation of what you need.