How to integrate ERPNext with woocommerce?

I, as an owner of e-commerce business want to use ERPNext for my business but stock management and other information need to be updated so can anybody help me out for this??? it will be great for me and other startup seeking for ERPNext…thanx in advance

Why don’t you start by importing your data first, using the Data Import Tool ?

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Hi @VinitPatel99,

Please refer to the following discussion


Thanks for your reply guyz but i am not a technical in coding and languages so it looks sounds difficult for me…
Is it possible to find step by step procedure…

thank you @netchampfaris but i think its manual option to import data and customer. it is a good option to maintain erp records properly but what i want is to manage my website and products from ERPnext as well as realtime data also…

Hello @VinitPatel99,
Have you been able to integrate your Erpnext with woocommerce?

Yes, it is coming in ERPNext version 11. Thanks to MN technique for contributing this feature.


Is there any ETA for V11?

So happy about this connector. I just have one question.

I have a WordPress multisite therefore I have more than one woocommerce install for just the one company. Can I connect more than one woocommerce to a single company?

May, 2018.

We have stretched V11 release a bit has we are currently working on many new enterprise-level features. V11 is going to be one big major release.