How to integrate Git or Bitbucket issues to ERPNext?

Hi there !

I’m analyzing ERPNext for our manufacturing company and as we build electronic’s devices (PCB, Chip, Firmware, Software) I would like to sync issues from Git or Bitbucket with ERPNext. The idea is to simplify life of our devs team and being able to follow their progress. Is there an existing solution ? Or would I need to ask for developpment ?

You can try this.

Thanks for the answer

By looking at the link you shared, I can’t see where I could define which Git to take the issues from ?

There’s maybe another way. There could be a trigger-like action to create an issue to Git or Bitbucket when an issue is created in a specific project.

You might need to know that we need to host both ERPNext and Bitbucket(Git) on our server. That might change the solution :confused: