How to integrate theme template?

How we can integrate admin lte theme ?
i created a page ,but no success with theme integration
can we do this with portal
Please help on this

is there any tutorial for this

This will be a very useful feature. Did you make some progress on this.

Create a custom app and copy the files from the theme to ERPNext:

  • www folder for html files
  • public/js for the js files
  • public/css for the css files
  • other files can go to respective folders (images → public/images, etc)
  • add to the link to web_include_js, web_include_css`.

If not working, check the path to the files.

Hi Rahy, could you explain that in more detail?
I am too looking to give the portal a new look. Thank you!

@renjukumar did you succeed so far?

Make the customize in a custom app to avoid being overwritten when you update ERPNext.
When creating new app with bench new-app command you get a boilerplate with some standard files, among others are: www, public/css, public/js.

Put your theme html files into www folder. Keep the structure/hirarchy so you don’t have to change the hyperlinks.
Put every js files in the public/js.
And css into public/css.
For images, you can create a new folder Images in the public folder.

Then check all hyperlinks in your theme that point to these css and js files. Change when necessary.

In the, add the links to these css and js to the web_include_css and web_include_js respectively.

Alternatively, you add these css and js links to build.json to create a minify css and js, then add the minify links to the

Basically, frappe provides a good web engine. If yours doesn’t work, first check if all the links points to the correct files.

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Looking forward to the weekend :slight_smile: Thank you

hope this will help you Tutorial - How to Integrate theme or template