How to integrate with Help Dropdown for Custom Docs addition

Currently there is this dropdown


I dont know if there is a way to custom add liink (not hard coded) for example under “Documentation” a new section like “My Company Docs”.

The usage case is like:
Each company has internal guides for employees like “Emergency Calls” or “Our Business Process” etc. Also in frappe custom application development there is a need of the addition of a User Manual (there is a auto create docs generator). This must also have an multi language process in the case of multi company setup (example. German company with part Greek facilities) and some basic versioning.

Beside that, help dropdown should be customisable from System Settings (example discuss
Remove help from desk - #20 by adam26d). For example Employees dont have to known “Report an Issue” to Github, propably they dont know that git is :slight_smile: . Report Issue should have a Ticket Management from each Company IT department .

Any thoughts ? Anyone worked on something similar ?