How to integrate with Magento

Magento doesn’t list ERPnext as one of their top ERP packages, and I don’t see how I install it in Magento Community. Do I require third party software to do this?

Hi Kristine,

yes you will need some sort of connector to do this…
either by developing it yourself or hiring a developer to do this.
But it is possible…

there has been a post related not long ago

maybe these guys can help

Here is a basic connector Sample ERPNext Magento Connector · GitHub You will have to install it at your site.

Good afternoon, how are you? I would like to know if there is any progress with the integration of ERP NEXT with MAGENTO.
thank you

If everybody needs Magneto integration, somebody start a bounty.

Good morning, I would like to know do you have any intergration module or guide for ERP NEXT with MAGENTO.

how i can install this, Do you have any idea ?


I have done magento integration

Link / contribution?

Can u share?

can you share your code there ?

Magento 1 or 2? We’re looking for M2 integration.

May this will help:


This one for Python end :slight_smile:

What it can do:
stock entry
create/update item
create/update Item group/category

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Were you able to resolve the mass update issues presented by brian_pond?

Hi ! I’m looking toward integrating Magento and ERPNext, and I have a rather dumb question. For multiple store magento, how would you configure ERPNext ?
I thought about creating different companies, but we would need to share a warehouse which is apparently impossible.
I suppose creating price listing for each ecommerce to manage the different selling price is part of the solution, as well as maybe seperate the naming series, but I feel I’m missing something here. Is there something designed for this kind of situation ?
Thanks !

we can colaborate with money on a full conecto with magento