How To? Internal Workstation Maintenance

As a manufacturing firm it is very important to monitor maintenance for workstations/machines.
At present the maintenance module only caters to customer maintenance visits and is not meant for internal preventive or breakdown maintenance tracking.
I went through a thread where @adityaduggal and @umair used tasks, and thought about starting a maintenance project. However there would be limitations as listed below with this approach.
Would love to hear from other users as to how they are using ERPNext for internal Maintenance.

  1. Scheduling tasks based on time (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) or by amount of production/hours of usage.
  2. Monitoring breakdown time per workstation.
  3. Monitoring maintenance team utilisation, ie. to find how much time each person is doing
  4. & Finally Costs! in terms of spares and labor used to fix.

Simple workaround would be to add yourself as a Customer and create a Maintenance Schedule for it.

For tracking time, Timesheet will be best. For each type of work, like breakdown, operation, maintenance etc. as an Activity Type, with it’s hour cost. Timesheets with Activity Type and hours actually spent will give you better idea of costing as well.

Hope this helps.

While time sheets are good for 3 & 4. How to address 1 & 2 in this case?

Create Maintenance Schedule for 1. Add a dummy company and select it in the internal Maintenance Visit.

For 2, you can create Maintenance Visit report against Maintenance Schedule. Or you can also create a Timesheet for tracking actual breakdown hours.

May be for each workstation/asset, you can create a Timesheet for full day. Breakdown can also become one of the Activity Type which will have cost to it. Please check if it works for you.