How to invoice "Dinner Set"? Selling grouped item(s)

The set includes 6 dinner plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 bowls, 6 shallow bowls, 6 tumblers, 6 spoons and a water jug

when I pick “dinner set” the invoice should get filled as follows

item…qty… rate…amount…tax…total
dinner plates…6…30…180…9.00…189.00
quarter plates…6…20…120…6.00…126.00

water jug…1…100…100…5.00…105.00



You can achieve this using Sales BOM functionality. Check following link to learn more.

In the Sales Invoice, you will only have main Sales BOM item being shown. You can list package details in the description of that main item. In the backend, you will have stock being deducted for all the items listed in the Sales BOM master.

The issue is I want to show individual items and their price in invoice, not the parent item.

Scenario: there is no TAX for “Dinner Set” but each item in dinner set has TAX. so for legal compatibility we have to show each item’s quantity, price and tax. not the price of dinner set.

But the seller for ease of use will pick item “dinner set” qty 2. then each item in dinner set will get multiplied by 2 and will be shown as individual item in invoice with their price and tax.


You can set Packing List table visible in the Print Format, and insert a
custom field to enter price related details for each item. Tax will only be
applied on the Sales BOM Item, and shown in the total section.

Another alternative for fast creation of item would be to:

  • Select each dinner set item as a separate item.
  • When creating transaction for another sales of dinner set, use Copy
    function to pull values of existing sales transaction into new transaction.
    More help here.

Check File >> Copy