How to invoice for payment terms

Hi there,

I have a challenge.

For tax puposes my boss only want to invoice 80% of the sales order for the deposit, i have the terms template done. So how would you invoice for the 80% and then invoice for the 20% from the sales order, im slightly confused on how you would do this.

He doesnt want to invoice the total with an outstanding amount, he wants two separate invoices


What is being ordered? Is it an item or a service? If its a service maybe a Project could be created with invoicing by percentage completion?

No it’s not a service it’s basically a complicated sales order with 30 + items and how my boss usually works is he’ll take a deposit of 80% upfront and then 20% on completion of the project and because of the tax laws if we invoice for the whole project will be liable for value added tax and sometimes projects can span over many months and we don’t want to have an invoice that build for the total and then have enough standing balance we were rather invoice the 80% and then the 20% so how would I invoice for that against the sales order we are using projects so maybe we can invoice against the project I’m not too sure how that works