How to issue more quantity than BOM for Subcontract

Is there any way that I can issue more qty. than BOM.
Say to manufacture Item X:
We need:
A - 5 qty.
B - 2 qty.

And same is mentioned in the BOM.

Now the issue is item “A” comes in reel (contains 100 qty.) and if small reel (which contains few qty.) then it cannot be fitted in the machine for the purpose of assembly/manufacturing therefore, entire reel needs to be issued which is equal to 100 qty. whereas system doesn’t allow to issue more than 5 qty. against this BOM.

Is there any workaround for the same?

Ruchin Sharma


You can create Material Transfer for more than BOM Qty. To create Manufacture Entry also based on Material Actually Transferred, do following settings in your account.

  1. Manufacturing > Manufacturing Settings
  2. In the field “Backflush Raw Material Based on”, select “Material Transferred for Manufacture”.

Hope this helps.

You mean by doing this setting, system will allow me to send more material than BOM for Subcontract as well as I can issue more material for the purpose of in-house manufacturing?

Edit: I have checked it is not allowing me to issue more qty. than BOM for subcontract.

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 and @umair Hello, I am also trying to achieve similar use-case and did changes in manufacturing settings as per suggested but still system is not allowing me to supply more raw-material to supplier in subcontract. Can Anyone help me on this?

Deep T

Sorry for the earlier response. This setting is only applicable in the Production Order. For the sub-contract entry, material transferred should be as per the sub-assembly item qty in the Purchase Order.