How to keep doctype modification after each bench update

There is a lot of stuff in ERPNext default docs and I’m hiding most of it to have a lighter and easier to navigate interface (I’m talking about quotations, sales order, sales invoice, purchase order, purchase invoice).

I move a few fields and hide most of the others.

But every time I do an bench update, I lose everything.

How can I make sure I keep those changes?

I found that we can Export Customizations but I dont have the button…
Do I have to be in developer mode to do that?

Is there other ways?

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Me too, running the development branches and don’t see the button to export on a DocType I do have customisations on.

I made a lot of changes again.
Is there a way to keep all my changes when doing an update?

Found yesterday that the answer is yes, you do need to be in developer mode, then the export customisation button is available.

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