How to keep track of parts used in manufacturing

I am having trouble figuring out how to include non consumed parts in the manufacturing process. For example if I want to make an item out of resin I would need resin, a silicone mold and a frame to hold the mold. I need to know which mold and frame I need and where each of them are located. If I add the mold and frame to the BOM their quantity needed changes as the number of resin items I need to make increases.

For 1, 100 or 1000 resin items I need one mold and one frame and a varying amount of resin, the mold never gets consumed and can be reused indefinitely.

I’ve read that this can be handled through routing or other places outside of the BOM but never fully understood what was being explained.

What is the recommended way of handling something like this in ERPNext?

Thank you.


You can get back the mould and resin back at the end of the manufacturing process by adding the same in scrap lines.

This way you will consume the mould and frames during the process and at end of process you will get back your finished product and mould and frames as scrap, which you can re-use again in another process.

Wouldn’t this still tell a floor worker to pick several thousand molds when only one exists?

Ok, In that Case you need to define Mould and Frame as Workstation. In the BOM only Resin will be there.


These molds are would be Items in the system upon their purchase. Also I don’t think a a floor worker would know where to find the mold if it were a workstations as they are not stock or movable. There would be tens of thousands of these molds.

Can you add to the BOM as a zero quantity item?

I have tried entering zero but upon saving the BOM it saves as one. I have also tried unchecking Include Item in Manufacturing but the quantity of molds still increases with the requested quantity. Thank you all for your suggestions so far.