How TO Know Bench Version


Please tell me the command to know bench version.

Harsh Mehta

I couldn’t find a command line flag to give you that information however if you are using ERPNext then you can get it by clicking on your username at the top of ERPNext and choosing About in the Pulldown Menu.

If you are looking to use it programatically then you could check out the code for the About section to see how it is pulling the version number in and reuse that.

Hello eamonn,

Thanks but it provides me app versions. But I want frappe bench version.

Harsh Mehta

@Harsh_Mehta Sorry. My mistake. I can see it in the for frappe/bench ie version=‘0.92’ in current master.

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It’s ok eamonn. I have found that also from file from bench…

Thanks for quick reply and appreciated by your such a great effort for me.