How to know if Stock Revaluation job is done

Good day. First of all I want to thank ERPnext team for great product.

I am currently review this product for implementation at our manufacturing company. I am using perpetual inventory and FIFO valuation.

When there is changes in the product price either via LCV or backdated PR or rate adjustment, the stock rate is updated via background jobs.
I can see the system still using old rate value at Stock Ledger and GL. When I try to refresh Stock Ledger report I keep getting notification : Item valuation reposting in progress. Report might show incorrect item valuation.

The job eventually finished, and the rate updated correctly, but I cannot find record when the revaluation start and finished. I tried to open the logs, it shows:
erpnext.stock.doctype.repost_item_valuation.repost_item_valuation.repost_entries start and finished in less than 1 sec

I tried to see app/background_jobs but nothing listed

How do I monitor the progress of stock revaluation and know when it finishes?

Thank you.



Upon further checking, stock revaluation task run every hour, thus the report get updated every hour. can someone confirm this?

is there anyway we can trigger the stock revaluation on demand?

Thank you.

Any answer on this? Because I saw in stock ledger my stock valuation and balance valuation is still incorrect.

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There’s a doctype called “Repost ITem Valuation” which tracks stock value re-evaluation.

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I also encounter this problem after I reconcile some items, when I am checking the Item Code of what I Reconcile at Stock Ledger it show negative value and the message keeps showing me Item Valuation Reposting in Progress. As my experience it take 10-30mins before it return normal, maybe it depends on your internet connections.