How to know invoices with pending delivery items?

How to know invoices with pending delivery items?

We usually make sales invoice then delivery note, for some reasons delivery note is delayed or items partially delivered and e need to get a report with all sales invoices which is not fully delivered.

On Delivery Note List, click Reports on the left, there are a few reports that might meet your needs or be customized to meet them. Maybe Ordered Items To Be Delivered ?

Many thanks for your reply , I tried all but nothing works, I don’t have experience to generate customized code.

The Sales Invoice Report might be uses if you add the Delivered Quantity column using Report Builder. If you could describe how sales orders , deliveries , invoices and payments are processed someone may be able to suggest something else that will help. Also there is support available from ERPNext and partners that might be able to provide a solution for you. See the links at the top of the page.

Thanks ,
I checked the “Ordered items to be Delivered” and it is perfect for what I need if we are talking about SO; I need the same report and same result but for sales invoices not for sales orders because we didn’t use sales order for same cases.

Even i am facing the same issue.

Earlier there used to be a filter “%age Delivered” where you could filter less that 100% and it would show the pending delivery items.

But after the update the same has been deactivated.