How to know which mode is running: developer Or Production

hello everyone,
I need to know which mode is running < developer Or Production >.
how can i do that with graphique mode and command line.
thank you

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check in frappe-bench/site/site_name/site_config.json
if available then it is developer mode else Production Mode.

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You can also check Help…About (in the browser/GUI) - after the version number, in brackets…(master) is production mode

The given method of using “About” doesn’t work in version 13. There’s nothing in brackets or parentheses after the version number.

At the present time, the only way I know of to confirm whether the site is in developer mode or not is to go to DocType List and click “Add DocType” at the top right of the screen.

When the New Doctype form appears, you will see a message similar to the following at the top of the form:

In addition, you will be able to uncheck the “Custom?” field in the form.

If you don’t see the yellow message and you can’t uncheck the Custom? field, then the site is in NOT in development mode.

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