How to learn ERPNext, Frappe Development

Hi Community / Frappe / ERPNext Team.

I’m very fortunate to come accross this wonderful Open Source software. And personally thank all of you to build this and making it the best ERP Software it is really helping a lot of businesses in the world to Manage and run their operations with least minimim cost without having to spend a fortune on ERP. And helping many software development companies and individuals to earn money out of it. I’m very much excited to be a part of Frappe And ERP Next Community.

Please some one help me to get started with the development to contribute and upskill my self (Any Detailed Resources Which Can Help / Guide Me As a Roadmap To Learn from scratch as a beginner) I’m more into non technical background but have understanding of various technologies. I am more into sales, marketing and operations management for couple of years.

In terms of my technical background I’m just a beginner in every aspect but a good learner and implementor.

If Community allows and helps me in terms of the resources or any road map I need to follow to learn. I will definitely learn from the very beginning im very much interested in contributing and upskilling my self and being a part of this growing platform.

I request Frappe / ERPNext Team/ Community to help me in regards with this. I know it’s gonna take time and efforts but it is really worth for me learning and being a part of this amazing platform.

Once again request all of you to please share your experiences and approach to learn as a beginner.

Sorry for direct tagging but I follow you guys and feel could get some resources. Please pardon me if I have been too upfront.



Hi @Vicky1

I can share my experience, I do not have a very technical background.

I started with the Frappe Framework documentation, and as recommended in it I started with basic HTML, CSS, MySQL, Python and JavaScript ( I used code academy, YouTube, w3school etc to pick up the basics ). After I felt I covered enough, I started tinkering around trying to install frappe and erpnext in virtual box / Hyper-V ( I tried both the easy install and the not so easy intall :grin: ), after succeeding with that I tried my hand at the basic Library Management System mentioned in the tutorial.

For me on a personal note, my first contribution was a high point, which was a very basic bug fix but coming from a non technical background it felt very good and I got to contribute to the awesome work being done by Frappe and ERPNext Community.

From there on as and when needed, I would look at the frappe or erpnext code repo in github for examples.

I still would not not call myself a pro yet, but I can get things done :sunglasses:

I hope this helps


Thank you so much sir. For this valuable information I will surely implement the approach you have mentioned as that’s sounds more practical to get started and learn.

Once Again Thank you so much for your time and information provided.

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