How to left menu bar to be static

How to Keep the Desk Module Bar as it is at all times in ERPNext?



  1. Go to Desk > Settings > User Interface.

  2. Under the “Global Defaults” section, find the “Hide Module Bar” option and uncheck the checkbox.

  3. Click on “Save” to save the changes.

Once you have completed these steps, the Desk Module Bar will remain visible at all times in ERPNext, even when you navigate to different pages or open different documents.

Hope this will help you out.

Thank you

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I find the “Global Defaults” but there is no “Hide Module Bar” option
please help me out @VINOTH

I want to keep the left sidebar menu as same as for the same above

i need you help @VINOTH

Can, you explain it bit more detail how you need and how you have it now.

Actually, I want to keep always left sidebar menu, as shown in this last image

how did you do it, please help me.

I couldn’t do it yet

Where is that options??

Yes, There is no any option in the Global Default,
I am still seeking for this


Can I know what is the outcome that you are looking for?

I want to keep the left side menu show always

Can you provide any sample output that how it should look like? and how you have it right now.