How to limit width of a field in a child table via Customize Form

I need to see the “Party Type” in the list view of a Journal Entry.

However, when I check “In List View” for the “Party Type” field in the “Journal Entry Account” DocType the entire width of the Child Table becomes to wide apparently, so the “Credit” field is bein pushed out from the List view. The width of “Party” Type as well as “Party” could be much less and I am looking for a way to limit the width of those fields in the child table and likewise allow the “Credit” to become visible again.

I have plaid with the Length, Width and Print Width parameters in “Customize Form” but none of them seems to have any impact.

@tmatteson … thanks for offering help via the Forum in the Telegram Group


You’re close. You need to use ‘columns’ in the customize form => docfield detail dialog.

There is a trick to this: child table layout is based on bootstrap’s 12 columns and the checkbox and down-carrot take up one of those each. That means in order for the layout to turn out the way you want it to, you have to make sure that the columns you’re including in the list view add up to exactly 10. If you do less than that the layout CSS will do math for you and the results aren’t guaranteed to match your vision because of rounding and remainders.


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spot on, thanks

EDIT: apparently whole numbers are required for the amount of columns assigned to a field. So the possibilities are somewhat limited in order to meet the exact total amount of 10 Columns.