How to link a custom field through customize form to sales order

Dear Experts,

I have added custom field (retail price) in item setup.Now I have to call it in sales order form. I am facing two following problems:

1 - I added new field (retail price) in sales order & gave name of doctype “Item” in options. When I creates new sales order, system shows item names in the newelly created field retail price.
Please help me to link retail price from item.

2 - Secondly I want this retail price in sales order (in item section after qty column). How can I add it there?

Note:- Actually I want to add some other fields also in items section like, sales tax rate,sales tax amount and amount inclusive of sales tax. I mean I want to take input item wise in one line.



@Zahid.Butt, are you using the wrong doctype as basis of your customization! You need select the doctype Sales Order Item instead of Sales Order

Sorry for responding you late. I think I could not convey my point.
I actually need to insert new columns in the item table within sales order form.
Right now I can add custom field anywhere on the form but unable to add in the item table.

Secondly when I add custom field (retail price) in the sales order form , it shows item name rather than retail price it self.


Hello Zahid,
I think its work for you use the following steps:
1.add the new custom field in item Doctype.
2 add the new custom field in the sales order item same name as like in the item Doctype you added.
3.Use this method in the custom script of Sales Order Item
for e.g: cur_frm.add_fetch(‘parent_account’, ‘report_type’, ‘report_type’);
i hope it work for you.


Hi sagar,

I followed the steps but I got error window while creating new sales order.
System shows new field in sales order item section but does picks its value given in item form, rather it shows error message.“Server Error: Please check your server logs or contact tech support.” following huge detail.


Any solution.