How to link Supplier and Customer to a User role?

I am Creating a B2B Omnichannel portal for company. I want to know how Can I link the supplier and Customer to a certain User Role?

In other words, When a I creates a supplier/customer from the desk, it should create a user with a password and email it to the user directly.

Is it possible?

Any Urgent help!

You can write a method in frappe.sendmail and call in hooks of supplier/customer creation

Hi @Shantanu_Vishwanadha,

You need the following records:

  • customer (primary customer record)
  • contact (links user to company, contains contact details)
  • user (stores email, password and access level)

The same works for suppliers. I believe your missing piece is the contact, linking user and customer.

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Can you Please elaborate how can I do this?

I am stil facing problems.

Thank you so much.

Dear Shantanu,

I am a bit confused about your query. If the user creating customer/supplier is doing so using desk, then it’s just a matter of giving them rights to create user and associating user with customer or supplier on respective contact screens.

Can you please elaborate on your request?