How to Link Supplier Quotation to Purchase Order during DRAFT or other statuses?

See screenshot below.

It seems I am unable to link a quote to a PO after it has been created (as a draft)… is this by design?

For us, the business likes to see a copy of a quote from vendor attached with the PO. In some cases they have multiple quotes (from different vendors) linked to the PO, so that finance has a record of which quote was selected and why.

Either make the PO from the supplier quotation or click on:

Get Items From > Supplier Quotation and select the quote. This will fetch the items from that transaction and link it to your PO.

Yes, I guess this the ERPNext way it works. In our case (and probably some others) the business likes to see the original supplier quote itself with the PO.

I guess what I’m thinking about for ERPNext is probably a module that would do a Print Format to create a PDF/print view that would combine:

  • All Material requests related to the PO
  • All RFQ’s related to the PO
  • All Supplier Quotes related to the PO
  • The PO itself
  • All purchase receipt lists for the PO
  • All supplier invoices (Purchase Invoices) for the PO

This is something accounting / finance sometimes like to see so they can see the whole documentation package. May be better to discuss that in a seperate dedicated thread, since this therad I was just wondering if possible to link a supplier quote to PO rather than the just import items from the quote