How to link warehouse with chart of accounts

“”“A warehouse must belong to a specific company to maintain company wise stock balance .To do so each warehouse should be linked with an account in the chart of account (the same name as the warehouse itself).”“”"

I created a company then i linked it with the warehouse (name WIP) but now the last line mentioned in the warehouse doc “to do so each warehouse should be linked with chart of account (the same name as warehouse itself)” …i am not able to understand this line… I cannot see see the name WIP in the charts of accounts …does it get automatically added when we link it with the company or am i supposed to edit it then it will get added to chart of accounts and if so then under what heading am I supposed to add it

Any input would be highly appreciated

Warehouse should be linked with your chart of account means you can configure the account in warehouse itself. Since chart of account is consist of all your different types of account. so whatever account you configure in your warehouse that will automatically reflect in chart of account if any transaction happens against that account. Hope that helps

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Ok so i added account as “stock in hand” while creating warehouse n i can see the same in chart of account …thank you
Is that it or anything else is also required

You will have to understand concept behind it since it is not mandatory to configure accounts in warehouse so Perpetual Inventory On and Off both you will have to check on its effects and its significance for this you can just go through perpetual inventory doc

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Yes i have checked Perpetual Inventory…My intent is to create a company , add an item and do a transaction on that item and check the stock …e.g. if i had 100 items in my warehouse n i sold 50 …so firstly it should show the entry of 100 items n then after transaction it should show the remaining… Some how my stock ledger shows no entry at all…i must be missing some step in between … actually i am not sure if the cycle which i am following is it correct or not …i make a company first then link it with a warehouse then add items to that warehouse then make a stock entry then directly sales invoice …but ledger dint show the math …

Ledger is showing the math now…if possible please confirm me on the cycle which i am following
Thanks a ton :grin:

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